Friday, May 30, 2014

Our Teacher by SuRaa

Our Teacher, translated from an original story by Sundara Ramaswamy is a wonderful story that teaches the importance of integrity.  

Title: Our Teacher
Published By: Katha
Author: Sundara Ramaswamy (SuRaa)
Translated by: Malati Mathur
Art: Neeta Gamgopadhyay
Price: INR 150

What is it about: Academic failure is plaguing Section A of the school.  Section B guided by the very capable Padmavathi M’am is doing very well in studies.  But then again there is only one Padmavathi M’am, the lone lady teacher in a school manned by 40 teachers.  Will Section A ever be able to score cent per cent marks in Maths?  Will anyone from the class bag the Seethalakshmi Annual Memorial Prize? A glimmer of hope arrives in the form of Elizabeth Thomas, a new teacher.  Will Section A excel?  Read the book to know more.  

Why it stands Out:  A wonderful lesson of integrity, hard work and perseverance.  The story has a charm of its own brought out by the black and white illustrations by Geeta Gangopadhyay.  In times when “cut, copy, paste” has become the mantra of many, this book is a great read for young readers

Will be best enjoyed by: Young readers above 10 years.

Love Ratings?
Fun Quotient: 5
Simplicity Meter: 5
Visual appeal: 4

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