Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hic!copotamus by Geeta Dharmarajan

Hic!copotamus  by award winning author Geeta Dharmarajan is an endearing story  about a hippopotamus, Hawasi whose hiccups send him on a journey from his home in Mzima Springs, Africa to Gulmohar Jungle, India.    
Title: Hic!copotamus
Published By: Katha
Story: Geeta Dharmarajan
Illustrations: Atanu Roy
Price: INR 140

What is it about: Hiccups can be problematic?  But did you know that they can be the reason why a huge Hippopotamus goes off on a journey from Africa to India?  That’s the story of Hawasi, the hippo in Geeta Dharmarajan’s endearing tale.

What happens when Hawasi gets a huge hiccup that propels him from in Mzima Springs, Africa to Gulmohar Jungle, India ?  Are the animals of Gulmohar jungle helpful and hospitable?  Or are they scared by this huge animal who lands with a thud in the White Lily Pond? Well I won’t give that away.  Read this engaging book to know more.  

Why it stands Out:  Spread over 22 pages, this book has really cute illustrations of the wild by Atanu Roy.  Geeta Dharmarajan once again does what she does best, tells a simple story with elan.  The story is short, simple and humorous.  It helps young readers to understand why a newcomer no matter how different is someone who must be welcomed and helped.   It is an excellent tool to introduce readers to some facts about hippos.  

Will be best enjoyed by: All kids above 5 years will enjoy this book.  

Tips for Moms and Teachers: Some activities you can link to this book are:
Tell your kids about how being different does not mean shunning someone. 
Talk to them about being helpful to newcomers in their circle at school just like the animals in this story helped Hawasi.  

Get the kids to talk about what they can do if a new student comes to class or how they will help a new kid in the neighborhood.  

Love Ratings?
Suspense Quotient: 4
Fun Quotient: 4
Simplicity Meter: 4
Visual appeal: 5

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