Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thangam of Mehrgah by Geeta Dharmarajan

Thangam of Mehrgarh by Geeta Dharmarajan is the winner of The Katha Chitrakala-Search for Excellence.  Beautifully illustrated by Mrinalini Sardar, this book is a great way of introducing young readers to the Indus Valley civilization.

Title: Thangam of Mehrgarh
Published By: Katha
Author: Geeta Dharmarajan
Art: Mrinalini Sardar
Price: INR 225

What is it about: Thangam is a girl who lived in the Indus Valley and the book is a magical journey in to a civilization that has fascinated historians and ordinary folks alike.  What happens when caravans laden with precious jewels arrive in Thangam’s city of Mehrgarh.  Will Thangam leave her chores of feeding animals and rush to see what the merchants have brought?  What offer does her father make to the merchant who has the best lapis lazuli? For all this and more pick Thangam of Mehrgarh off the shelf and travel in to an enchanting bygone era.    

Why it stands Out:  The illustrations by Mrinalini Sardar bring the magic of thousands of years ago alive.  The story is peppered with details of life as it was in the Indus Valley.  Details of the script, sanitation, way of life for a child back then and many more interesting facts at the end of the book make the book a valuable peek in to history. 

Will be best enjoyed by: Young readers above 8 years.

Love Ratings?
Fun Quotient: 3
Simplicity Meter: 5
Visual appeal: 5

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