Monday, May 12, 2014

What Did Nepo Do With a Sari

What Did Nepo Do with a Sari is an endearingly humorous story by Benita Sen.
Title: What Did Nepo Do with a Sari
Published By: Katha
Author: Benita Sen
Art: Sekhar Mukherjee
Price: INR 175

What is it about: A little girl tells the story of Nepo, her neighbor.  Nepo has a farm and visits his neighbours looking very worried one day.  He wants to borrow a shirt from grandfather but no luck on that front.  Meanwhile the little girl’s grandmother kindly lends him a sari instead.  Very soon Nepo appears looking very happy and telling grandmother the sari couldn’t have been a better fit.  What did Nepo do with the sari?  That’s what everyone from the little girl to her grandparents to the pet dog and cat wanted to know.
But Nepo won’t say.  He insists they all come and see for themselves.  What did he do with the sari after all?  Read the book to know!

Why it stands Out:  Simply written story told in rhyme captures the interest of young readers.   It is an endearing tale that prompts everyone to smile.  Definitely a story about sharing, helping and spreading smiles.  

Will be best enjoyed by: Young readers above 6 years
Tips for Moms and Teachers: Some activities you can link to this book are:
Introduce readers to the sari perhaps?  Talk to them about helping someone in need.  Sharing is important to make a difference in this world.  Give them that message at the end. 
Love Ratings?
Suspense Quotient: 4
Fun Quotient: 4
Simplicity Meter: 4
Visual appeal: 4

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