Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Case of the Runaway Continents

A delightful book by Geeta Dharmarajan which introduces young readers to the theory of evolution and phenomena like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. 
Title: The Case of the Runaway Continents
Published By: Katha
Author: Geeta Dharmarajan
Art: Joyita Banerjee
Price: INR 120

What is it about: Geeta Dharmarajan’s writing on the biography of planet Earth, is brought alive by illustrations by Joyita Banerjee.   Over millions of years Earth separated into different continents, which in time drifted away from each other.  How were coral reefs formed?  Why do earthquakes occur?  What happens in a volcanic eruption?  All this and more is what the book is about. 

Why it stands Out:  An engaging narrative supplemented with illustrations, the book turns something most young readers would find too scientific in to a wonderful story peppered with information.    

Will be best enjoyed by: Young readers above 8 years

Tips for Moms and Teachers: Some activities you can link to this book are:
You can have a quiz on evolution, continents, coral reefs and volcanoes.

A drawing session might help students apply theory to art and learn better. 

Cut outs can be distributed so children can assemble a jigsaw puzzle of sorts to understand various phenomena explained in the book.  

Love Ratings?
Fun Quotient: 4
Simplicity Meter: 4
Visual appeal: 4

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