Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Little Cloud’s Quest by Stephen Aitken and Sylvia Sikundar

Little Cloud’s Quest is the story of a little cloud and her journey as she looks for friends high up in the sky. 
Title: Little Cloud’s Quest
Published By: Katha
Story: Stephen Aitken and Sylvia Sikundar
Illustrations: Joyita Banerjee
Price: INR 120

What is it about: A little cloud is born and the book unfolds her story as she looks for friends to battle her loneliness?  The story is endearing as it reflects each one of us and our bid to fit in with the crowd.  Does the little cloud find friends in the Cirrus clouds or Cumulus clouds?  Does she end up lonely or with some friends who truly love her?
Read the story to know more.  

Why it stands Out:  Spread over 18 pages, this book has simple yet beautiful illustrations of the cloud and her journey.    The cloud facts appearing at the bottom of most pages are an excellent way to introduce young readers to little known facts about various types of clouds. 

Will be best enjoyed by: All kids above 7 years will enjoy this book.  

Tips for Moms and Teachers: Some activities you can link to this book are: 

Talk to children about the importance of loving themselves for who they are first before looking for acceptance from others like friends and peers. 
Build a flow chart depicting types of clouds and how it rains to help children understand the process better.  

Love Ratings?
Suspense Quotient: 3
Fun Quotient: 4
Simplicity Meter: 3
Visual appeal: 4

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