Friday, July 19, 2013

Unaad Brado ani Itar Goshti by Vidya Dengle

If you love dogs and are looking for short and interesting children’s stories in Marathi then “Unaad Brado ani Itar Goshti” (Naughty Brando and Other Stories) by Vidya Dengle is a good read on a rainy afternoon.  

Title: Unaad Brado ani Itar Goshti
Published By: Urja Prakashan
Story: Vidya Dengle
Illustrations: Reshma Barve
Rs 35

What is it about: 10 short stories told by dogs and cats spread over 38 pages take readers through love, loss, surprise and awe as they unfold.  Brando participates in a fashion show and he’s dressed up as a monster will he win?  A girl and a boy meet at the vet with pets in tow will cupid strike? What happens when a pack of dogs turns detectives? These are just some of the interestingly told short stories in this little book. 
Each story ends with a twist, now I can’t give away more.  Read the book to know more. 

Why it stands Out:  The black and white illustrations though aptly done are not the strongest point of this book.  The book stands out for the magic of storytelling.  Vidya Dengle has excelled at blending fiction with creativity and realism to churn out endearing animal stories for anyone who loves animals and can read Marathi. 

Will be best enjoyed by: anyone above the age of 8 

Tips for Moms and Teachers: Some activities you can link to this book are:
Getting your kids to talk about their pets.  Teach them about the importance of kindness to animals. 

Love Ratings?
Suspense Quotient: 4
Fun Quotient: 4
Simplicity Meter: 4
Visual appeal:2

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