Sunday, June 30, 2013

Can and Can’t by Pratham Books- A Short Lesson in Opposites

Keeping it simple is an important principle when you teach.  That’s the beauty of the picture book I’m reviewing today,
Title: Can and Can’t
Published By: Pratham Books
Story: Radha HS
Illustrations: Ruchi Shah
Rs 10
What is it about: There are things you can do, things you can’t; there are things others can do, things others can’t. That’s all there is to this little book.

Teaching your toddler opposites becomes simple and so much fun with this 8 page picture book.  Dogs can’t dance, ants can’t read, crows can’t sing…are all woven in to this well illustrated book in ochre and black.  

Why it stands Out:  As an 8-pager this book keeps the message clear, simple and useful for any child who sits with it.  Less is more in this case.   What I loved is how the magic of black on an ochre background brings the characters to life.  

Will be best enjoyed by: 1+ (as a read aloud). Ideal for a 3 year old who once done with the book is sure to squeal with delight and say…”I CAN read!”

Tips for Moms and Teachers: An activity you can link to this book is: get your child to draw up a list of can’s and can’t’s for himself or herself, for mom, for dad, siblings, the dog or anyone in the family.   Kids will have fun drawing up a similar list for various objects too in the house like a chair, bed, table and even the garden like trees, squirrels, butterflies.

Love Ratings?
Clutter Free: 4
No lofty messages: 4
Fun Quotient: 3
Touches the heart: 3
Visual appeal: 3
See and Learn: 3

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